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Kitch-iti-kipi, Michigan’s largest natural freshwater spring. 40 feet deep and crystal clear.

This is the first time I have ever had something from my hometown randomly pop up on my dashboard so I HAD to reblog! Love this place! 


Kitch-iti-kipi, Michigan’s largest natural freshwater spring. 40 feet deep and crystal clear.

This is the first time I have ever had something from my hometown randomly pop up on my dashboard so I HAD to reblog! Love this place! 

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Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus has a Literary and Arts magazine that is put out once a year called “Metromorphosis” and this year’s issue was unveiled this past Wednesday (September 10th).

Metromorphosis is entirely made up of student work including art, poetry, and short stories. The staff is made up of students and they choose what works make it into the magazine. The magazine is free, and if someone missed their chance to receive a copy at the unveiling, then I believe they can go to the Art Department to get a copy.

I had FOUR drawings accepted into the magazine, however, unfortunately, they removed one of them without informing me. A bummer, especially considering it was my drawing of Bunny (Grav3yardgirl) and I wanted to send her a copy of the magazine. But three is still pretty good so I’m still happy about it.

Anyway, these are the three drawings that were accepted into the magazine (the first image is just the cover). The artwork in the second image is called “One Last Look Back Before the End”. The artwork in the third image is called “Steamy Selfy” (they edited this one, even though they were not supposed to). And the artwork in the fourth image is called “Dance of the Ancients”. All three are done in 0.7mm mechanical pencil on drawing paper.

This year I am on the staff for the magazine and I will be submitting both written work and drawings. It should be an interesting two semesters. :)

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I finally get to 200 followers (201 actually), but couldn’t think of a post to make/didn’t have time to make one. Now I lost three followers. -_- I really need to post more, lol.

So thanks to everyone who is still following me, I’ll try to post more often. It’s just hard with where my life is currently at.

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Recent photo of me and my boyfriend. I actually like this one. >.<

Recent photo of me and my boyfriend. I actually like this one. >.<

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I won’t be able to do a full “review” on these dolls since I didn’t buy them NIB, but I thought I should at least make a post about them, mainly for the purpose of expressing my gratitude.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, we recently had a money crisis, had 3 days to find a new place, and as a last resort, had to move to Overtown, one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in Miami. Because of this, my available doll budget dropped from $20 a week to $20 a month.

An amazing friend, and fellow doll collector, generously provided me with two free dolls (shipped all the way from Canada). He knew I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid, as I had a few growing up, and he also knew of my situation. He also knew that I tend to like Latino/Hispanic dolls, so he chose one of those from his collection, and asked me if I had any specifications for a friend for the first. I was already blown away by what he was doing and became speechless. So I just said any with green eyes would be great. So both dolls would be a surprise. All I knew was that one was Latino and the other had green eyes.

A little over a week later, I opened the box and not only did I see these two peeking out at me, but my friend also included a few pieces of additional camo clothing, a pair of jeans, and two toys for the Kids (a ball and bear). So much generosity, I just couldn’t believe it!

The Kid on the left is an unknown Play Along kid from 2004, neither I nor my friend know if he is even in his original outfit or not. I also do not know if he came with any accessories. All I have is his birth certificate/adoption papers. His name is Refugio Salv. He is, by far, my favorite of the two. Everything about him makes him the perfect first CPK for me. He shot up into my top 10 favorite dolls of my collection.

The Kid on the right is a 25th Anniversary kid from 2008. He originally came with a pacifier and a silver spoon (to commemorate 25 years). My friend bought him used, so he did not have either of these accessories. I do have his birth certificate/adoption papers though. His name is Rory Saul. I really like him and I think he is super adorable. I just prefer the CPK that look like kids over the ones that look like babies.

Overall, I am VERY happy with my first two official CPK! :D I already want more. >.< I especially love that they are scented! Once I actually get one NIB, I’ll post a full “review”. For now I am just very happy and thankful for great people. :)

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Here is my final purchase. I saved my $10 from July and combined it with my $20 from August and purchased a doll from an 18” line that I have been wanting to try.

This is My Life as a Yoga Instructor from Madame Alexander’s My Life line that is exclusive to Walmart. I have named her Dresden. I’m not a big fan of Madame Alexander dolls, but I do like their 18” collections. This line had caught my eye awhile back, but I recently saw a review that convinced me to purchase one.

I don’t have any black 18” dolls, so I decided to make this one my first. The only black ones they had available were this one and a beach one, so I got this one by default.

First off, I think the dolls are adorable (I was very tempted by both the Asian and Latino scultps). So aesthetically, these dolls are wonderful. HOWEVER, they are NOT very high quality, which I had really expected, not only from Madame Alexander, but because she cost $30. Her vinyl is thin, hollow and squishy and her hair is thin, wispy and uneven. Her clothes are decent, but it seems like the clothes that are sold separately, are higher quality. What’s more is I got a defective doll. These dolls are poseable, which means they have some sort of bendy material inside their limbs that allow them to bend. Mine did not come with any inside the arms. Which leads me to my next issue.

I contacted Madame Alexander, telling them about the issue. The customer service rep seemed to know NOTHING about the product. She claimed that the dolls are not poseable and that the arms and legs “swivel”. Only the arms swivel, the hips bend just like the knees. And she told me to return the doll. I pointed out her mistake she only reiterated returning the doll, which I cannot do, as I told her in the previous email. So yeah, not happy with their customer service. I got better service from MGA (which is saying something).

Overall, I like the doll, but I suggest saving another 6-10 dollars to purchase a much higher quality Journey Girls doll from Toysrus, which are also cuter in my opinion.

Just one funny/creepy thing to add is that when I was taking her photos, the flash went off when I didn’t want it to and the camera said “Blink Detected” on the screen… D:

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My second purchase was slightly more satisfying than the other and she is a Tattoo Divas doll.

I initially saw them on the shelf for $15+ and I couldn’t justify spending that much on one, so I passed. I saw them on Brown Clearance and became disappointed when I realized the blister packs had fallen off the backing on all 4 of the ones they had. But, for $5, I eventually decided to get one. The nice guy at the checkout counter taped the backing on before ringing me up. According to him, the Skylanders figures have the same problem.

This is Shary. The doll itself is cute and seems like pretty good quality. Gorgeous eyes and a wonderful face mold, however her hair is thin and low quality. The tattoos are cool and were fun to color, but the color rubbed off too easily. The outfit is not ugly but really nothing special (although I like the shoes) and is made of cheap materials.

She also came with a bag, 4 markers, a plastic tattoo machine that your insert the markers into, and some human tattoos.

It really is a nice doll seeing as it is made by a company i have never heard of before. They just need to be consistent and make the quality of the outfit match the quality of the doll.

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I actually have a couple posts today! :O Anyway, my partner and I went through a hugely stressful money crisis recently and had to move out of our apartment into one of the most dangerous and poorest areas in Miami (Overtown). It’s not as bad as people made it out to be, but still not fun. We’ve been here for almost a month now and I had purchased two dolls a few days after moving in that I never posted.

Anyways, because of this move, my available doll money diminished to $20 per month. I was only able to spend $10 of July’s money initially and went to Toysrus. They had nothing amazing within my price range, but I decided to get two dolls that were on Brown Clearance that ended up being less than $5 each. The first is One Direction Spotlight Niall.

I’m a fan of One Direction, but I’m not a “Directioner”. Niall has my favorite voice of the group, so I chose him. There was two styles to choose from and all of the dolls in each style had wonky eyes, it was pathetic. Hasbro, you really need to step up your doll game. Maybe the singing dolls have better face-ups, they had cost more, so I didn’t really look at them.

You can tell from the second photo that his eyes are printed way off. They are too high and make him pretty ugly. But for $5, I really didn’t care. The outfit is cheap and plain, but not ugly.

I do not believe that these dolls are worth the $15 price tag, but are kinda worth the $5 clearance price. I got him mainly because I like boy dolls and there aren’t many out there.

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The other doll I purchased from the wonderful lady is this 18” Faithful Friends Benjamin by Heidi Ott. He is from 1996-97 and was also exclusive to Target until Heidi Ott withdrew the line and sold them exclusively from her website.

I found out about the Faithful Friends line more recently, but I’ve been wanting one of the boys the moment I did. I hope to add the other three boys soon, however it’s unlikely as they are more difficult to find.

Benjamin also comes in a few different outfits like Jack and I believe this was the first edition doll. He is dressed in a Christmas outfit which is cute, but not very practical for the rest of the year. His face sculpt is his best feature and it (along with the hands and feet) are highly realistic for their time.

My only real issue with him is that he doesn’t really stand on his own. I thought he did though. I had him standing for several minutes, left the room, and returned to find him collapsed. The soft material of his hips is not strong enough to support the weight of the rest of the body. I also wish that I had his box, certificate of authenticity, and hand-tag.

I am so ecstatic to have TWO more 18” boys in my collection!! (I now have five). 18” dolls are probably my favorite type, especially the boys.

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I’m going to be putting a MasterPiece doll on layaway soon, so these next two posts may be the last doll purchases I make until early to mid-October. I’ll have money here and there in the meantime, but only small amounts, so we’ll see.

Anyway this is Collector’s Lane Kids (an early version of Our Generation) Jack by Battat. He is from 1999 and 18” inches tall like the current Our Generation line, and just like the OG line, he was exclusive to Target. He comes in several different outfits.

I have been desperately wanting a Jack for  quite awhile now, but to my misfortune, he is quite expensive on ebay, even when nude. However, recently, a nice lady from a doll fanclub on Facebook offered to sell me him, and the doll in the next post. The best part? Only $20 each! I am so so grateful.

Jack is even cuter in person than he is in online photos (doesn’t that always seem to be the case? haha). I LOVE his clothes! They remind me of something I would have worn in the 90’s and I love that! (He also has a backpack, the yellow strips on his shoulders are the straps to the pack, and an undershirt and underwear). For a lower-end 18” play doll, he is really nice quality. He is a little difficult to make stand on his own, but once you get him standing, he shouldn’t fall.

I have zero issues with him, although I do wish I had his box.

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