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Any Monster High collectors from Connecticut? I would kill to have a doll hunting buddy!

It probably doesn’t help, but I plan on EVENTUALLY moving to Connecticut! haha >.< Hopefully in the next 1-2 years depending on how fast I can finish community college and on affordability.

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My first old-school Yasmin! \o/ I would have preferred a Sasha, but they’re weren’t any available within my price range. :(

Anyways, this is Funk Out! Yasmin and she is prolly my favorite Yasmin. Or one of my top faves at least. I just think this whole line was perfect (with the exception of the exclusion of Meygan) and is probably my favorite line. The red looks so pretty against Yasmin’s tan skin. My main favorite thing about her is the rose/flower theme. While I do really like the first outfit, I think the second one if far superior and suits her better (the only downside is not being able to put her arms down all the way). Unfortunately I got a glitchy one. There is this small section of hair in the front that seems to have gotten caught on something when the hair was being styled (or when the doll was being packaged). It’s irritating as heck, but I managed to tuck it under a section of her hair. Just like Funk Out! Fianna, she comes with a “Movin’ Groovin’ Cool-lectible” card except hers shows her in both outfits instead of just one.

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When Bratz come back in 2015 I hope they bring Felicia and Kumi back. I absolutely love these dolls, but Felicia only got 2 dolls and Kumi only got 4. I’m so tired of always seeing Cloe and Yasmin and occasionally Jade or Sasha. Some variety is much appreciated! 

I agree 100%! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Felicia but she is so dang expensive!!! MGA needs to bring back these, Nevra, any of the ones that only had 1 or 2 releases, and of course more BOYZ.

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I also recently got this Bratz Boyz On The Mic Eitan. Back when I was getting the $5 Cloe from a previously unexplored Toysrus, I saw one of each of the On The Mic Boyz for $6.99 and vowed to go back as soon as possible to get Eitan (I already have Thad). I’ve been looking for this Eitan for awhile and seven bucks is a great deal!! And even more to my pleasure once I got to the checkout with him and found out he was actually only around $5.80!!!

I really love this Eitan. He is so so so much better than the Boyz Really Rock one. He is beyond adorable and the print on his shirt is freaking amazing! MGA should bring back the Boyz in 2015 and give them more detailed printed t-shirts. He also came with a black guitar that I forgot to put in the picture. >.<

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I’m still in a bit of a Bratz obsession phase so I ordered another older one from ebay. I chose the Brazilian Bratz Fianna partly due to the fact that my partner is Brazilian and also because this doll is freaking gorgeous!

I’ve been somewhat focusing on the “basic” older Bratz. The ones that were part of regular fashion lines with no real theme (Style It, Strut It, Xpress It, Funk Out, etc.) mainly because they come with two outfits, but also because I think they are always the best ones.

This is Funk Out! Fianna. It’s the first time she is introduced in a regular line (she was included in two playsets before this). The entire Funk Out! line is actually really stunning. This is my favorite time frame for the Bratz, I think they have the prettiest faces and most detailed outfits. I love love love both outfits she came with and my favorite piece is the gorgeous belt. It’s not discernible from these photos, but her headband is super pretty too. Fianna is definitely one of my fave Bratz characters. She also came with a “Movin’ Groovin’ Cool-lectible” card (instead of a poster like the earlier Bratz).

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No Shame Sunday~ Top row: Ling, Ghoulia, Hyun, Frankie, Cleo, Jina, Barbie Bottom row: Shola, Sophina, Elphie, Maudelynne, Yui, Tipi, Yuko My doll collection has 14 at the moment… Nobody tell my mother there are 4 on the way.

Gah, I am so jealous of your Ling and Yuko! I&#8217;ve been wanting to get both of them forever. &gt;.&lt; I finally had the money to get Yuko at one point only to realize she doubled in price. -_- Cute collection! ^_^


No Shame Sunday~
Top row: Ling, Ghoulia, Hyun, Frankie, Cleo, Jina, Barbie
Bottom row: Shola, Sophina, Elphie, Maudelynne, Yui, Tipi, Yuko
My doll collection has 14 at the moment… Nobody tell my mother there are 4 on the way.

Gah, I am so jealous of your Ling and Yuko! I’ve been wanting to get both of them forever. >.< I finally had the money to get Yuko at one point only to realize she doubled in price. -_- Cute collection! ^_^

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And now, at last, my final doll acquisition. I happened to have five dollars and I knew that Toysrus had the Stylin’ In The City line on clearance for around that much so I checked a Toysrus that I had never been in before. It was amazing! *_* Of course they had the Journey Girl I had been searching for now that I can’t afford her. -_- And they had a humongous Bratz selection! I saw Stylin’ In The City Cloe In New York immediately and grabbed her. I also saw Yasmin, but I already have her. I scanned the shelves quickly, didn’t see Jade (the only other one in the line) and went to the checkout.

Initially in the photos, I was NOT impressed by this Cloe (or the Jade from this line). Yasmin was exquisite in photos and in person. However, in person and out of the box, this Cloe is actually super pretty and really nice quality. Her hair is really soft (the only annoyance being the fanning of her bangs) and the outfit is simple, but cute. She also came with a passport with stickers. I have no complaints at all, especially considering the $4.69 price tag.

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My most recent online purchase was Bratz Xpress It (First Edition) Meygan. I really wanted to add a Meygan to my collection, she’s always been one of my faves. So when I found her first release doll on ebay for less than 20, I jumped on it.

I love this Meygan so much. The autumn color palette is gorgeous! And her hair is so silky. I prefer the first outfit over the second, but both are very pretty. My favorite piece is the furry jacket. I haven’t been able to buy a second-hand Meygan from a thrift store yet, so I just had the same one model both outfits. My only issue with her is an unfortunate mutation in the right side of her bangs. The hairs became kind of curled and cut shorter. It’s hardly noticeable though. I would really love to add all the first releases of the main four girls to my collection, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, haha.

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Time to finish my purchase catch-up. I had a budget of $10 (before tax) to spend so we stopped at a Toysrus and I headed straight for the Bratz section. And of course now that I intend on buying a Bratz almost all of the 9.99 ones were gone. All that was left were a couple of each of the True Hope (except Cameron) and this lone Totally Tattoo’d Jade. Since there were a few of each of the others, I grabbed Jade.

I’m not overly impressed by this Jade. She’s nice and DEFINITELY better quality than the Neon Runway Cloe I got awhile back, but her hair’s body puts me off. It’s too poofy in the weirdest way. It’s nice and soft though, which was surprising. But overall she’s pretty and was definitely worth the money. She also came with a kid-sized tattoo-print mesh glove and a strip of tattoos.

I also recently received Totally Tattoo’d Cade’s jacket in the mail. I had originally bought him without it from a wonderful lady on here known as momdusa. I had initially bought him for a fashion pack, and intended on buying another, but he got jacked up in price so momdusa generously offered to ship me the jacket so I could have him complete. Thanks again, momdusa!!!!! I appreciate it so much!

I loved him before, but I love him even more with the jacket. It looks wonderful on him. He has recently beat out Eitan as my favorite Bratz Boy.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that unfortunately my Jade was missing one of her earrings. It’s too inconsequential to contact MGA over, especially considering their not so helpful customer service. So if anyone happens to have an extra one for whatever reason, I would really appreciate it. I can pay for the shipping.

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My last catch-up post of the night is the first edition Bratz Boyz Dylan! I found him for less than 20 on Amazon so I was stoked. My sister never had any of the original Bratz or Boyz, so I never knew what they looked like until I started collecting in 2012. They are adorable!! I still prefer the second edition look, but the first editions are wonderful. I really love the fashions of the old Bratz. The newer ones are nice, but the older ones were pretty incredible! So many different types of material! A few days after he arrived, I returned to the thrift store and bought a re-dressed first edition Dylan (along with four books). Unfortunately he has a little tear in his chin, but it’s not noticeable unless you look for it. I washed him and put him in the second fashion (I REALLY hope MGA brings back the detail and second fashions when Bratz returns next year!!).

Also, I really wish MGA wouldn’t have changed Dylan’s ethnicity for his 3D animated counterpart. It makes me so mad that they made him white.

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